Human Killed In Accident (2019)

Puppet Resurrection

I loathe you
No satisfaction
I loathe you

Power struggle
Immigrants overflowing borders
Denmark blocks roads from Germany
Syrian state reduced to rubble 

We’ve come to rape your land and build a new nation
Nothing more but pillage your own creation
Fuck your livelihood just burn your civilisation
Might’ve got my home, but haven’t got truth
Got me in chains, but chains won’t work
Devoid of clues, where we might turn up
Say, hey
You wanna be free?
Drown in the sea 
Get blamed for disease.

I loathe you
No satisfaction
I loathe you

Guilty may be be true  
Sabotage the nation
Corruption of the law

Puppet resurrection, no place to go
Haven’t got them, but they got my soul
Massive destruction, trapped in a hole
Redesigned nation, just do what you’ve been told
Mass manipulation, pay the toll
New, brew, try poison, you fool
I’m gonna drive you to homicide

Gruesome destruction
Reconstruction is an alibi
Mass immigration
It’s a convoluted genocide
Left without law
Puppet resurrection, suicide
Annihilate the nation
This sedative will tempt you



A nation at its knees, racial tensions on the rise.

Racist stylist or is reality a nihilist
Intuition fades
On the nation’s bloody hands
Born into a racist society
Against the nation-state’s trained beasts

Trained beasts!

Martin… George Zimmerman assassin
Eric Garner… N.Y.P.D. Pantaleo
D. Hamilton… Manney how do you feel about yourself you fuckin’ scumbag
Crawford, Ford, Parker, Gurley, Brisbon, Reid, Robinson, White,
St. Louis East Side
Twelve years old, Tamir Rice…

Looks like it wasn’t possible, better try next time, that is, if there is a next time for you, you swine…

Was it really a book in his hand, I guess the world will never know…

Keith Scott
Michael Brown
Darren Wilson… what up white boy?
Martin… George Zimmerman assassin

A nation at its knees, racial tensions on the rise.


Dextroamphetamine, Methylphenidate, Fluoxetine,
Dopamine reuptake inhibitors, happiness in a bottle.
Nation perpetuates violent uproars of uncertainty
Bleak evidence, lost in a lonesome trap
Lady, adjusts the flesh hanging off her bones at $35,000
Industry pays, antibiotics hit the streets
Side effects attributed to sunlight

Cheap whore, placating wilderness
Attack of Donald Trump

Purging organic materials
Ostrasised from internal instinct, convenient for complete oblivion
Je ne trouve pas…
Eradicate minorities, deploy gas
Prejudice, bigotry and crowd control
Company has monopoly on manufactured air!

There’s a hate in bag Brussels,
Banal intercourse, benign interaction
Malfunction and interim periods numb your mind
Humanity to blame, MAN…

Human killed in accident (4x)

Collection of bio-hazardous waste materials, remanufactured medicine
Spread of disease
Genetic restructuring
Reoccurring error

Human killed in accident (4x)

Purging organic materials
Ostrasised from internal instinct
convenient for complete oblivion
Je ne trouve pas

Marketing commences in 1888
Diamorphine, Methadone, Oxycodone
Bayer... One drop of Laudanum
Feel the sweetness calming your nerves…
The mundane vibe running through your veins…
C. R. Alder Wright, Heinrich Dreser

Human killed in accident (5x)

Fuck that shit

Plastic Fashion

I piss away my money
The star of a reality show
I bought a plastic monkey
So my puta’s gotta go

I’m into shooting games
And detest planting trees
Shallowness is my forte,
Defecate on me please

I love sterile parties
Small talk is a commodity
Let’s live in cynic world
Let’s devastate everything

Carbon offset means income
Ecology is waste
Just chuck it in the sea
Spoon out the shit and let the poor be free


Hear the life, keep it going
where the sound is fully blowing
welcomed and civilized
we can spend several lives
Never trust the benefactor’s spell
recognise the resurrection’s jail
Little snake is in search of nothing...

If there is something to talk about
Rebuild this putrid nation
media run by guns and steel
follow-buy… rent or steal…
accumulate it - no sight - fight - or care
we can hide in reservation’s gale
copulation, vibration, resignation and salvation

Hear the life, keep it going
where the sound is fully blowing
welcomed and civilized
we can spend several lives
accumulate it - no sight - fight - or care
we can hide in reservation’s gale
copulation, vibration, resignation and salvation
Hear the tune, keep it rolling
Those that are not made for talking
welcomed, epitomized
you’ve spent your utter life (3x)

Trusted in another nation’s bell
You have found yourself a true jail
Running sterile streets for nothing

Under Pressure’s Silence

Under pressure's silence…
Reaching the edge of time
Though logic’s lines are bleeding
Don’t say the words

Under pressure’s silence…

Under pressure’s silence
Reaching the edge of time…
Though logic’s lines are bleeding
Don’t say the words

Under pressure’s silence…

Kim Jong-nam, VX nerve agent
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Weapon of mass destruction
Banned under UN convention
Death by affixation

Under pressure’s silence…

Silenced Press

You leave only one way

Sleep tonight 
You’re not alone in plight 
Spread your wings in flight 
Your path is drawn 

You leave only one way

Drug wars in the Smokey Mountain
Trump silences the press
Signs of authoritarianism high
Marginalise minorities
Scare the public
Patriot or foe
Silence the press

Sleep tonight 
You’re not alone in plight 
Spread your wings in flight 
Your path is drawn 

You leave only one way

Criticise the judiciary
You leave only one way
Imprisoned by some unforeseen force
Silence, no way out

Sleep tonight 
You’re not alone in plight 

You leave only one way

Spread your wings in flight 
Your path is drawn

You leave only one way...

Sleep tonight...

Recycled Press


You shovel guts boy?
Well you’re in the slaughterhouse now... 

Hold a life
 We can say just no And buy
 All the world
 He refuses, all he sees

Oh the mind
 Oh the nation
Lie!  Discussion comes race
 Blamed on origins... based on race
 Color, religion, enter your grace
 Just a question before this scumbag sees the day

This menace, this vision of the sunlight,
 use your pain love, just trying loud to stay alive.

Me and your god
 Missing the bar
 Just flow...
 Just flow...
 You’re a slave.
Drive again
 To Mexico to die
 Hold your ground

Interrogation starts with you ...

That’s you...
Pay your poison
 We can search your soul

Feels natural
 On the grounds, of retribution.

Incessant cold
 looking for, an execution.

In the streets so cold
 On the set... you know
A smog had descended upon the city, not even sunlight could penetrate the putrid in the air...

Some said it was from burning tyres...

Others blamed it on the minorities.

One thing is for sure, there was a distinct stench that lingered in the air...
Call the weakness of desire
Oh, the sign
 Oh, frustration

Scream, tonight,

Scream, the nation
Pay your poison
 We can search your soul

Feels natural
 On the grounds, of retribution

Pay your poison
 We can search your soul

Feels natural
 On the grounds, of retribution

Come, come, come…


The IMF destroys Greece’s social security system with exorbitant interest rates

Russians sent special agents
 to keep control over peacekeeping operations in the Ukraine

According to HST sources...
 “In a generation of swine, the one eyed pig is king”

What in the name of god, would empower,

Harry Larry, and Nuppin’ Joe Jackson,

to drive that stolen car into the front windows,

of the Plexia Bank, the reader, may ask himself… 

You know I had a friend who worked for a bank in Paris...
 She said that that her fellow bankers, sometimes would charge one euro to every client
 You know one euro isn’t much...
 But it sure does add up, from say...
 A million motherfuckin’ clients...
 if you know what I mean...

So they asked...
 What’s this commission?
 How did I get this bank charge? Why... was I charged twice?

I’m staring to get the feeling, that I got Jacked By the way…

Hey Jack... I want my money back, pay the tax.  

Pay the tax,

pay the tax,

pay the tax,

I got Jacked,

want my money back

I don’t want this trash
 I just want my money back

   Why didn’t my card arrive?
 Where’s my pin code?
 I didn’t sign up for this insurance policy!

I thought the commission was 5%!
 You said that there was no annual fee for the first year!

I’ve been on hold for 25 fuckin’ minutes!
Pay the tax,
pay the tax.
Want my money back!
I get jacked!
Pay the tax,
pay the tax.
Want my money back!
Pay the tax!

But I closed that account in 2010
 My confirmation is, 484 - 187, mothafucker!

You told me the exchange rate was 1.36
 I was told to call back...
 I got Jacked, and I want my money back!

Pay the tax,
pay the tax,
pay the tax,
pay the tax!
I got Jacked
and I want my money back! 

Show me the money, mothafucka!

Hey... Jack... I want my money back!

Can you lower my APR
 You said there was no balance transfer fee

Do I get frequent flyer miles?


Alone tonight...
 On a cosmic journey now
 All in good time
 Spreading the endless stream Around...

   They entered like rats, moving in on a rotting corpse

Slowly, silently in stealth mode
 Like Alexander the Great, ready to massacre the Greeks

The sting operation started... 

Nice to know
 Adios decadent life now

Now you know
 We’re on an acid ride

Lies are raining...
 Stars are shining...
 Let’s go another life and now you know... 

 When the sergeant, kicked over a make shift cardboard stand,
at the local market, clothing and trinkets flew...
Next officer grabbed an unsuspecting young man,
and threw him against the wall...

Face smashed, up against a wooden wall, officer’s hand, firmly placed on his throat, he began screaming at the poor man, in a mix of questioning and reprimanding...

Another officer, slapped a middle aged Roma man, with more of the same genre of questions, teeth clenched with hate...

Another Roma man, looked at this gang of thugs with contempt, as his gold teeth sparked, in the approaching mid-day sun...

He sneered at these invaders, lifting his hand, he signaled in the air 

Healing tonight
 Stars are not so blue...

Even tonight
 Stars above the flames... Collide 

Innocent night
 On a lonesome journey now

Nice to know
 There’s an incandescent light... 

 It was gonna be a blood bath...


You like it, when I close your Eyes

And set the dream in rockin’ waves

Then I know
 Where is the rise of light

Of your “fuck me eyes” 

 to dance to Rock n’roll [repeat] 

 Come on Baby, make me sunny

I’m alone and you’re a lovely Girl

I answer, and you question
 We are making a resurrection

to dance to Rock n’roll
 to dance to rock n’roll [repeat] 

 Come on Baby, make me sunny
 I’m alone and you’re a sexy Girl
 I answer and you question
 We are making a resurrection, oh yeah... 

 to dance to Rock n’ roll [repeat]

To dance to rock and roll
 What is the reason,

what’s the season making fire growing outta control

Talking always can be easy, asking questions

you don’t know that there is no final accord

There’s just Rock n’ roll

just dance to Rock n’ roll [repeat] 

 God only know what kind of hellish cocktail this maniac had taken

He was screaming and hollering at the top of his lungs
 Swerving back and forth
 Obviously, not using his blinkers

Did you get his number?


You see, the house sat, not such a remarkable distance from the Missouri River. This was the same river, that Lewis and Clark, travelled up from New Orleans to, basically, take over, what was once “unguarded” Spanish territory, and claim it from the French. That was St. Louis anyway.

In the early 16th Century, Cortés led a monumental journey, across the Atlantic, to the new world. There were some of his crew, that were, left behind... Discovering and living with the “Indian” tribes along the way... not massacring them in the usual fashion, and in fact discovering, Colorado. The man’s name a murderer like the rest of his counterparts, and generations that were to come, was, Coronado.

There was this huge expanse of land, that was in principle, claimed by the Spanish, only they had no manpower, to control the territory. French took control and eventually sold this tract of land, to the newly founded, US of A. This same track of land, extending from the Mississippi to the Missouri, was uncharted land, called, the Louisiana territory...

That and many other factors gave rise to a sense of nostalgia, to the backward trip, along the Missouri River, until its confluence with the Mississippi, which following its winding pathway, led out to the delta, where New Orleans sat, at the mouth of this great river... the mighty Miss, the old man...

That’s where the real Mardi Gras, or Carnival, in international standards, took place...

Lucian, after having celebrated Mardi Gras on a couple of occasions, was observing this mockery of tradition, at this backward, hometown bar, which he despised...


Dark alley.
 Stench of death, or life.

Hidden recesses, of the mind...

Figure, standing, quietly, in the corner.

Creeping, out of the trenches...

    Oh, am I in the hole again...

Oh, am I on my way inside...

When I call to the window side

Are the relations inside

Just need a place, just need a place, to reach my soul

Reach my soul 

 When it’s cold, I realize

The heat is deep inside

Tearing my soul
 It’s not on myself

It’s not a simple world
 Finding shelter to soothe my soul 

 She leaped through the air, like a juggernaut
 Like an addict
 A slave just shipped in from Liberia, in the early 19th century

Like a wild beast gnarling, on her victim
 A gang of pigs eating the flesh off the bodies
 Like an owl, swooping down stealthily
 Ready to disembowel
 Its unsuspecting victim 

 Is it a transition, in my hole

On my own, in my hole
 On my own, reach my soul

In the hole...

Is it a transition... in my hole

on my own [repeat] 

She sank her teeth into his pulsating throat...
 Only there was no blood
 He had already been drained of his thought processes

Like a wounded lamb

Oh yes my dear audience, it was too late for him,

But is it too late for you...

Media vampires on the rise,
 Will they convince you, that it’s the Russians, the Americans, the Israelis, or the Islamic State…

The key is the word...
 The word is not always the same message.

These days I found my hole [repeat]


   Welcome to the planet motherfucker 

 Sunset is approaching

The day is ending

Lights are dimming

Reading the locals...

Metro is pumping, space is filling, news is flowing.
 People are dying, media is crying, dirty games are flying...

Come break into night
 Is it the day, that takes the night?
 Spirit of the Struggle, is the New of the game... 

30 July

Return from the mosque
 School children killed by Israeli airstrikes 15 died in school...
 Is this a place for refuge or a death camp 

11 October

Metro is pumping, space is filling, news is flowing…

According to the WHO

People are dying, media is crying, dirty games are flying!

According to the WHO

Ebola has left thousands dead in West Africa...

Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia
 Markus Garvey... hop on the black star Line baby...

Back to Africa Movement

Spanish nurse infected

Theresa Romero Ramos

Kobane obscured by darkness 

7th of October

Coalition airstrikes
 Throw disaster from above

From the sky...

Armenians, Kurds and Turks

Kurds and Turks



 As the Phantom looked at his hand, and pondered over its contours...

She was endlessly jumping off the arm of the couch, repeating the same phrase...

In actuality, there were a range of activities, all happening simultaneously.

There have actually been some, incidents recently, some suicide attempts...

Although they didn’t get very far, the place was under,

a state of emergency. 

Take a pill, to satisfy, that urging...

Reach out alive, forget the lies
 It’s better...

Who are you tonight? Don’t break out fight just flowing...
 Sell out at night, reach out of sight
 That lining. 

One man decided that he’d had enough of the world.
 He woke up on Sunday afternoon with a sigh.
 Looking out over the garden, he smiled and shook his head.

He picked up his pen, and began writing.

These were to be his last words, on this plane.

A tear dropped from his right eye.
 He only cried from one eye these days...
 You see, he had but one eye...

Looking at his letter, he remembered the incident and all the trials that life brings. 

Ring out a moan
 Pick up the phone
 It’s crying
 Slow down the drone, deep and alone

It’s burning

Better choose life, without a rite
 In motion…

Stomp out the trite,

it’s about the flight

I’m leaping... 

 He finally got enough courage to jump.
 A few hours later, they found him, sleeping...

Henry had jumped off, a two-meter wall.


 I’m criticized
 I’ve been surmized

Circumvented of reason

Lying low, in shadow phases

You’ve gotta hide, ostracized

Circumstances winning

Despite shaded reason 

 Evolution, Dissipation, Automation, No Salvation,

So choose your reason, You’re gonna pay it!

Destination, Unification, Depilation, Animation

Strained to new heights, be lost in shallow eyes

Having fear, lonesome pyre, partying in sterile places

All tattered and broken, staked and open, open... 

 Dissipation, Desecration, Education, Masturbation

Blocked from the system, seeing far off places

Preservation, Desertification, Pornication, Alienation

The system may be cheating, with it’s temporary heating!

Energize... Energize...

In the name of. Energize [repeat] 

 Energize! In the name of desertification!
 Balls, balls, balls, balls! 

 Devolution, Fabrication, Arrogation, Agitation,

Ejaculation, Mystiphication, boring Stations, Irrigation

Qualification, Certification, Vaccination, Rectification

Burned in the darked-out sky
 Just make the colours shine

Legalization, Dying Nation, Revolution, Manipulation

It’s all rolling, and set, in motion!

Energize, it’s balls, balls, balls, balls, balls 

 Population, Mummification, Fascination, Cultivation,

Information, Tabletization and Bastardification!!!


 I guess at an early point, the reader is asking himself if the narrator actually knows who this Lucian character is... In reality, and quoting an infamous writer John Savage, the writer of, Captain Potty’s Wildlife Encyclopaedia, which was actually heinously, borrowed, or some might say, ripped off by a British comedian, Ricky Gervais, “how did we get from one state of affairs to the other”? The bottom-line is, where does Lucian come from? Was he raised by squirrels? Gnomes? or the like?

I mean what the fuck, what the fuck... what the fuck... The reader is begging for more background information than the menial introduction in the form of deranged thoughts, that the author of this book has spoon fed us. I mean is that all you’re going to give us...? Is that all you’re going to give us...?

Lucian had quite a normal childhood, in fact, if normalcy is even a word. He grew up in St. Louis... To be honest, it’s a fuckin’ wasteland of white trash, leftovers of crumbled buildings, and general scum roaming the streets...

I mean the guy grew up in an area where your corner “crack house” was commonplace. He was bussed to school, at St. Philippe III where he was well versed in Catholicism, and the like. He was at some point Confirmed, not that that’s any constellation, or factor contributing to judgment on a person’s “goodness” or “badness”, but just a statement of matter of fact...

On that note, he knows the bible quite well, but distains almost all of its stories, and reflects on them as a fabrication of reality... A sort of parallel universe. Basically, how the fuck could the Catholics be right and the rest of the religions wrong... How could humanity be so vain as to assume that “they” are right?

Fuck that, he would say with distaste.